Hot Dogs with the Famous Sauce
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“It quickly became the stuff of legend. People claim that returning servicemen have related in-the-trench conversations about "Cappie dogs," and that it's not unusual to see a limousine idling in front of the Main Street storefront…What I can tell you is there are certain cultural icons in New Britain -- the Rock Cats, Stanley Works, the museum. Capitol Lunch is one of them.” 
   - Katie Melone, Hartford Courant: January 23, 2004

“Capitol Lunch, 510 Main St., New Britain, is another Connecticut institution, founded in 1900. The spicy chili sauce is what made Capitol Lunch famous, and neither the recipe nor the demand for it has changed over the years. ‘The meat sauce makes this dog special.’ ‘A good, meaty, spicy sauce.’ Capitol Lunch uses local Martin Rosol's hot dogs. ‘A perfectly cooked dog that pops in your mouth as you bite into this gourmet delight.’” 
   - Linda Giuca, Hartford Courant: May 23, 2002

“Customers have been known to ship the sauce around the country, even around the world. Is it exactly the sauce of my youth growing up in Hartford? No, it's not, but, you know, the dogs and sauce at Capitol Lunch are damned good. That's close enough.” 
   - Faith Middleton, Hartford Courant: October 29, 2000

"Capitol Lunch: American. If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat but dread the impersonality of franchised fast food, this is the place for you. Known for its friendly, clean and quick service, Capitol Lunch makes buying hot dogs and burgers a pleasant experience once again. Lunch and Dinner daily. 510 Main Street. (860) 229-8237."
  - Hartford Magazine: 2006

"A Hartford, Connecticut culinary institution that has been serving Martin Rosol brand hot dogs topped with their unique meat- sauce for many decades, Capitol Lunch is probably the most well known Hot Dog restaurant in the Hartford, Ct area. Just to watch the counter staff in action is amazing. Three or four people prepare each order. One takes your order, another person manning the grill assembles, the next person wraps, or plates the order, then another rings it up, assembly line style. Absolutely phenomenal Chili Dogs that stay with You all day."
   - Thomas J. McCabe, Associated Content: April 9, 2006

"The neon frankfurter on the front window, nestled neatly in a bun, would seem to say all you need to know regarding Capitol Lunch. It’s true, hot dogs are the primary business of this barebones place, which grills thousands of them every week...Talk to a local, though, and you’ll probably hear that in New Britain, at least, a hot dog is about more than just a wiener. Indeed, Cappie dogs, as they are known at Capitol Lunch, are also about the Famous Sauce. For $1.50, you can have your crispy-skinned frank draped in a thick, brown, clove-accented meat sauce, which, along with chopped onions and a lather of mustard and ketchup, makes for quite a satisfying bite."
   - Christopher Brooks, The New York Times: June 3, 2007